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Three Essential Carpet Cleaning Techniques

How to ensure clean carpetsCarpets are a tricky thing; you will likely hoover them regularly, so it will seem like they should be pretty clean all the time, however, there is a lot that can be done to get them cleaner.

There are three main techniques for cleaning carpets, and they have varying levels of success, effort and expense. It is worth considering all of them, as the implications of the cheapest methods can warrant spending on a more effective yet pricy method, each home owner is different.

1. Carpet Shampoo

You will no doubt be aware of carpet shampoo, as it is very commonly available in supermarkets and all sorts of shops.

You can do this carpet clean yourself, as it is simply a spray in and vacuum out sort of job. However, a professional carpet cleaning company will offer a similar service that is much more effective. To do it, you simply spray the shampoo on to the carpet, and scrub it in to the pile, so that you get an even distribution of foam across the carpet.

Try to scrub the foam as deeply in to the pile as you possibly can, as this will ensure that as much dirt as possible is lifted out of it, ensuring that you get the deepest clean possible. Once you have done this, simply leave the foam to dry, and vacuum it all out. The result should be a shiny, new looking carpet. However, the residue can often get trapped in the pile, giving you a sticky texture, that attracts dirt extremely quickly. It is difficult to protect against this, so sometimes a professional service is what you need.

2. Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning does not actually use any steam, but it does use hot water, which is close enough. ‘Hot water extraction’ as is should be known involves a machine that blasts extremely hot water in to the carpet, then sucking it back out again. You will find that the vigorous pressure and the heat will give an incredibly good clean, which will leave the carpet looking and smelling fresh from such a deep clean. This is of course only available form a professionally trained technician, who can work the machinery effectively.

The only thing to be wary of in this instance is that you may well get a little damp left in the carpet if the machine is not up to scratch, and this can result in mildew and mold.

3. Dry Cleaning

To avoid being left with a damp carpet, avoid water! Dry cleaning uses a dry compound and a tiny amount of solution to attract dirt to the mixture, removing it from the carpet fibers. You will often find that the results are extremely good, and that you do not have any issue with ensuring that the dirt is fully removed.

The only problem really is expense, as the process is a delicate and fairly difficult one that takes an experienced professional. The dry compound is scrubbed in to the carpet, either by hand or machine (machine will give a deeper clean). The solution is then added, and the reaction attract dirt particles to the new solution, which leaves the fibers clean. This solution then dries in the same way that shampoo does, and the residue can be hoovered out.

You can be sure that this professional method of carpet cleaning will give you an excellent result, and that the price will be worth it, as you won’t need to do it very often.

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