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Category: Natural Cleaning Products

5 Green Home Cleaning Tutorials

[repostus hash=e87474aaee31767904cc0e791f1847be title=5+Green+Home+Cleaning+Tutorials host=Planetsave short=1r8wV snip=%C2%A0+No+matter+who+we+are+or+what+we+do%2C+cleaning+the+house+is+a+chore+that+we+all+have+to+tackle%2C+at+least+now+and+again.+While+the+job+of+scrubbing+the+modern+home+has+been+made+relatively+easy+thanks+to+the+wide+range+of+chemical+cleaners+available%2C+there+are+many+that+are+bad+for+both+your+health%26hellip%3B thumb=3128063 jump=4]

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Natural Carpet Cleaning Tips

You’re constantly on it with and without shoes. Your kids and young family members sit on it, roll around on it and play on it. Your pets sleep on it, they chase toys on it and beg for treats on it.  You might be aware of all the activities that your carpet does handle. But …

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Natural Cleaning Products Safe for Pets

Earth Easy just ran an article called, “8 Common Household Chemicals Harming your Pets, & their Non-Toxic Alternatives”. It’s definitely a good read because there are many common products that we use around the house – and some for a variety of surprising uses. For example, here are a few from their list: Flea treatments …

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