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Category: Home Cleaning

Roomba 790 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Roomba 790 With Wireless Command Center And More Accessories Read all about the New Roomba 790 with a price of $699.00 and compare it to the last version the Roomba 780 which is $100 less at $599.00. iRobot Roomba 780 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies

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Little Green Pro Deep-Reach Heat Cleaner By Bissell

Thanks For The Guest Post Thanks to Autosho.ws for the guest post about this cool new Bissell machine. The small size and canister-style unit make it different from the Bissell steam mops we’ve covered elsewhere here. This unit is for spot-cleaning, not wide area cleaning. More About The Little Green Bissell Pro What is unique …

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips

[repostus thumb=2275968 hash=1db633a8c513bb99e657137007effd78 title=Eco-Friendly%20Cleaning%20Tips host=Clean%20Me short=1ffBa] Thanks For Guest Post We want to thank Mr. Knowledge at cleanme for the great guest post. When it comes to floor cleaning machines, the Shark steam mops are known for their chemical-free cleaning products. There’s a full set of reviews of Shark steam mops here.

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Common Sense Cleaning

[repostus hash=22bca8667188dc62190c01a42d45a680 title=Common+Sense+Cleaning host=Clean+Me short=1feoM snip=The+Weekly+House+Cleaner+Author%3A+Nick+Vassilev+How+many+times+have+you+read+articles+or+books+on+cleaning+and+housekeeping+that+seem+to+assume+that+the+reader+has+enough+time+to+spend+two+or+three+hours+a+day+cleaning+but+does+not+have+pets+or+children%3F+Some+books+seem+to+set+the+standards+impossibly%26hellip%3B thumb=2274315 jump=1]

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10 Ways To Use Vinegar To Clean

[repostus hash=fbeb100a5474a4ee00c74907c4529152 title=10+Cleaning+Tips+With+Vinegar host=Clean+Me short=1ePqP snip=10+Vinegar+Cleaning+Tips+By+Blog+Daddy+There+are+days+I+clean+and+days+I+don%E2%80%99t+bother+one+bit.+Don%E2%80%99t+you+hate+when+you+get+a+on+a+cleaning+binge+and+you+run+out+of+cleaner.+I+have+to+remind+myself+then+that+there+are+ways+around%C2%A0Windex%C2%A0and+comet%2C+and+these+ways+are+so+much+better+for+myself+and%26hellip%3B thumb=2233611 jump=2]

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Air Filter Kills Mold and Germs

Super Pure Air Filter

This post isn’t technically about carpet and floor cleaners, but when it comes to keeping the house clean it’s important to consider what’s in the air as well as what’s hiding in the rug. And if you are into natural cleaning products and want to reduce indoor pollutants this air purifier will keep a room …

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Guide To Steam Mops and Floor Cleaners

Shark Vac then Steam model MV2010

Steam Mops and Floor Cleaners If you’re looking for a powered cleaning machine for your home the choices can be a little confusing at first because there are several different but similar sounding options. The quick explanation below gives some basic terminology to help you decide which steam mop or floor cleaning machine works best …

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