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Category: Carpet Cleaning

Three Essential Carpet Cleaning Techniques

How to ensure clean carpets

Carpets are a tricky thing; you will likely hoover them regularly, so it will seem like they should be pretty clean all the time, however, there is a lot that can be done to get them cleaner. There are three main techniques for cleaning carpets, and they have varying levels of success, effort and expense. …

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Cleaning Cost Still Largest Dispute Between Landlords and Tenants Reports Sani-Chem

Clean Carpets Regularly To Avoid Landlord Cleaning Charges Were you planning to rent a steam cleaner or have the carpets in your apartment professionally cleaned before you turn the place over to your landlord? Well, it could be too late by then to get a lot of the stains and dirt from daily use out. …

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Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Franchise: Trends to Watch in 2013

[repostus thumb=3997651 hash=c5de045ae8d03794d331db85d8cc5ed2 title=Chem-Dry%20Carpet%20Cleaning%20Franchise%3A%20Trends%20to%20Watch%20in%202013 host=MarketWire short=1yt0t] Thank You For Guest Post We want to thank Chem-Dry for this guest post about the state of the carpet cleaning industry in 2013. It’s nice to see that innovation, brands strength and green cleaning are cited as trends for the future in the carpet cleaning business. Local Carpet …

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