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Drain Cleaning Musts!

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Daimer Launches Auto Detailing Carpet Upholstery Cleaners

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Common Sense Cleaning

[repostus hash=22bca8667188dc62190c01a42d45a680 title=Common+Sense+Cleaning host=Clean+Me short=1feoM snip=The+Weekly+House+Cleaner+Author%3A+Nick+Vassilev+How+many+times+have+you+read+articles+or+books+on+cleaning+and+housekeeping+that+seem+to+assume+that+the+reader+has+enough+time+to+spend+two+or+three+hours+a+day+cleaning+but+does+not+have+pets+or+children%3F+Some+books+seem+to+set+the+standards+impossibly%26hellip%3B thumb=2274315 jump=1]

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Bleach Vs. Natural Alternatives

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10 Ways To Use Vinegar To Clean

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5 Green Home Cleaning Tutorials

[repostus hash=e87474aaee31767904cc0e791f1847be title=5+Green+Home+Cleaning+Tutorials host=Planetsave short=1r8wV snip=%C2%A0+No+matter+who+we+are+or+what+we+do%2C+cleaning+the+house+is+a+chore+that+we+all+have+to+tackle%2C+at+least+now+and+again.+While+the+job+of+scrubbing+the+modern+home+has+been+made+relatively+easy+thanks+to+the+wide+range+of+chemical+cleaners+available%2C+there+are+many+that+are+bad+for+both+your+health%26hellip%3B thumb=3128063 jump=4]

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House Cleaning Tips

House Cleaning Tips (via Clean Me)

House Cleaning Tips Author: Stanislaw Pena This is probably why house cleaning tips are the hottest topic of conversation among home makers. If you hate living in squalor, then housework is a necessary evil. If you need an even better reason to start keeping up with you housework, try this – surprise…

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Hardwood Floor Care and Cleaning Guidelines

Proper Care For Hardwood Floors

If you’ve recently restored or refinished an old hardwood floor or are thinking of installing in a new one then this is the ideal time to learn how to clean hardwood properly to avoid expensive repairs and refinishing later. Follow these tips and your floor will stay looking as new as the day you installed it.

How Long Does A Wood Floor For Last?

First let’s consider the value of the investment of care in a hardwood floor. How long does a hardwood floor last? Actually a very long time. There are examples of old hardwood floors from around the country that have stayed in great condition for decades and up to more than 100 years of use. There’s nothing inherent about hardwood floors that says they have to deteriorate; they can remain intact and beautiful for a very long time with proper care.

However, to keep your floor looking good and to reduce the effects of wear they need to be properly maintained. As an organic material wood floors do have the potential to deteriorate over especially from the effects of water and wear but this doesn’t have to be a problem if you clean and care for them properly.

Use The Right Broom For Hardwood Floors

Broom by fireplace“When sweeping, use only brooms with exploding bristles because they are the most effective in taking out grime and dust”, this advice is ALL OVER the internet – does anyone know what the heck “exploding bristles” are??

Don’t worry too much about “exploding” or “exploded” bristles. Just use a soft bristled brush such as one made with horsehair. Or use one of those wide, flat soft white cotton dry push mops that they use on gym floors in schools and at NBA games.

Dry mops have the advantages of being nice and soft so they don’t harm the finish and they cover a large surface area for faster floor cleaning. They also pick up all types of dirt and sand without using water. They can be shaken out outdoors or the cotton head can be washed with cold water.

Don’t use a straw broom. Although they look great with your decor sitting in the corner by the fireplace the bristles on these types of brooms are are too stiff and will make minute scratches that will slowly remove the finish. Over time this can lead to considerable damage once that protective layer is removed and water and dirt can penetrate the wood itself.

Cleaning Hardwood Floors With Water

Can you clean a hardwood floor with water? Here’s the truth about cleaning a wood floor with water, the floor is not going to fall apart if you use a damp paper towel to clean up a Hawaiian Punch spill  every now and then. However, you wouldn’t want to splash buckets of water over a hardwood floor and push it around with a mop like you could with a tile or linoleum floor.

Not only are water a wood a bad idea (think of a toothpick kept in your mouth too long) but usually before the wood gets damaged the shiny coating will get dulled. And if the finish is old and worn then repeated exposure of the wood to water would have a bad effect. Once water is allowed to be absorbed into the wood it can cause swelling and warping. Warped and swollen planks not only would need to be replaced but they also could damage the adjacent boards and rupture the baseboard causing additional expensive problems.

So when it comes to cleaning wood with water occasional damp rag or paper towel cleanups are OK but dry cleaning methods are best.

Dirt Accumulation In Gaps In Hardwood Floor

As you’re sweeping keep an eye out for gaps between the planks or around the baseboard where you can see or would expect to see dirt accumulating. Over time not only will the dirt stay in there and be unsanitary, it can also cause pressure over time as more and more dirt gets in there which will eventually cause the planks to be forced further apart. If you see areas where this is happening consult with a local hardwood floor company to see whether it can be filled.

Routine Inspections of Hardwood Floors

How often should you have your hardwood floors inspected by a professional? First whenever there are signs of wear such as loss of shine or color that indicate the wax or oil or polyurethane finish is coming off. Once the raw wood is exposed it’s not an immediate emergency, but once the raw wood is showing it is vulnerable and if left unprotected it can be stained by spills or absorb water and swell and warp causing bigger problems.

Other than noticeable wear, other occasions that can be used as an opportunity to have your floors evaluated by a professional are when remodeling the kitchen or buying, selling or renting the house.

These are but a few life events when you’re likely to be reminded of your wood floor, but it’s helpful if you keep your floor’s care and condition in mind to be sure it stays well taken care of and beautiful for years to come.




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Natural Carpet Cleaning Tips

You’re constantly on it with and without shoes. Your kids and young family members sit on it, roll around on it and play on it. Your pets sleep on it, they chase toys on it and beg for treats on it.  You might be aware of all the activities that your carpet does handle. But you might be surprised at what hides in your carpet where you can’t see what’s going on.

You can see surface stains (and you get those up right away), but there are things in your carpet and living on the padding beneath it that you probably don’t want to know about – but you do know that you want your carpet to be clean.

To test how clean and safe your carpet is, vacuum it once with a regular vacuum cleaner and look at the amount of debris that gets vacuumed up. Then go over it again with a vacuum cleaner designed with eco friendly living in mind and see how much more debris is pulled up. That’s the stuff that you can’t see.

Now go over the area again with an organic cleaner and see how dirty the water looks. That’s because no matter how many times you vacuum your carpet, no matter how powerful the vacuum, in order to stay truly clean, a carpet has to be cleaned with organic options in mind.

Using commercial cleaners to clean your carpet isn’t safe for you so you’re going to want to use natural methods. First, make sure you have a regularly scheduled vacuuming routine.

Always clean up any spills the moment they happen. You can use salt to absorb a spill, which is a natural way to keep a spill from becoming a stain. Use a damp (not wet) cloth to lighten stains like a wine spill, and then treat it with an organic stain remover.

Don’t use commercial cleaners to steam clean your carpet because the chemicals used are bad for the carpet and bad for your home. Plus, by using steam cleaners, you run the risk of leaving the carpet padding wet.

Pets, especially cats, tend to leave a home and carpet smelling like you have pets – so use baking soda on the carpet to absorb any odors. You can also buy an organic formula just for pet stains and odors that are safer for pets than using baking soda.

Choose a system to clean your carpets by getting a machine that has a low moisture option. By having a machine with a low moisture control, you won’t over soak the padding beneath the carpet and cause mold or mildew.

Use organic carpet cleaners that specifically state they’re for high traffic areas if that’s the carpet area you need cleaned, and make sure it states that it’s safe around pets. Some people prefer to save the expense of a carpet cleaning machine and use elbow grease instead!

Homemade carpet cleaning recipes can be as simple as a vinegar and water solution, so look for one that appeases you and start a routine that allows you to maintain the cleanest carpets you can have at all times.

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Natural Cleaning Products Safe for Pets

Earth Easy just ran an article called, “8 Common Household Chemicals Harming your Pets, & their Non-Toxic Alternatives”. It’s definitely a good read because there are many common products that we use around the house – and some for a variety of surprising uses.

For example, here are a few from their list:

  • Flea treatments they have as potentially harmful to your pet
  • Fertilizer, Pesticide and antifreeze weren’t surprises to us
  • De-icing salts – this one caught us off guard

And what was number 6? Household cleaners!

Read the full article to learn more about home toxic pet dangers and their chemical free alternatives

Read the full article here, http://eartheasy.com/blog/2012/03/8-common-household-chemicals-harming-your-pets-their-non-toxic-alternatives/

And consider clean steam cleaners for non-toxic home cleaning.

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