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Three Essential Carpet Cleaning Techniques

How to ensure clean carpetsCarpets are a tricky thing; you will likely hoover them regularly, so it will seem like they should be pretty clean all the time, however, there is a lot that can be done to get them cleaner.

There are three main techniques for cleaning carpets, and they have varying levels of success, effort and expense. It is worth considering all of them, as the implications of the cheapest methods can warrant spending on a more effective yet pricy method, each home owner is different.

1. Carpet Shampoo

You will no doubt be aware of carpet shampoo, as it is very commonly available in supermarkets and all sorts of shops.

You can do this carpet clean yourself, as it is simply a spray in and vacuum out sort of job. However, a professional carpet cleaning company will offer a similar service that is much more effective. To do it, you simply spray the shampoo on to the carpet, and scrub it in to the pile, so that you get an even distribution of foam across the carpet.

Try to scrub the foam as deeply in to the pile as you possibly can, as this will ensure that as much dirt as possible is lifted out of it, ensuring that you get the deepest clean possible. Once you have done this, simply leave the foam to dry, and vacuum it all out. The result should be a shiny, new looking carpet. However, the residue can often get trapped in the pile, giving you a sticky texture, that attracts dirt extremely quickly. It is difficult to protect against this, so sometimes a professional service is what you need.

2. Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning does not actually use any steam, but it does use hot water, which is close enough. ‘Hot water extraction’ as is should be known involves a machine that blasts extremely hot water in to the carpet, then sucking it back out again. You will find that the vigorous pressure and the heat will give an incredibly good clean, which will leave the carpet looking and smelling fresh from such a deep clean. This is of course only available form a professionally trained technician, who can work the machinery effectively.

The only thing to be wary of in this instance is that you may well get a little damp left in the carpet if the machine is not up to scratch, and this can result in mildew and mold.

3. Dry Cleaning

To avoid being left with a damp carpet, avoid water! Dry cleaning uses a dry compound and a tiny amount of solution to attract dirt to the mixture, removing it from the carpet fibers. You will often find that the results are extremely good, and that you do not have any issue with ensuring that the dirt is fully removed.

The only problem really is expense, as the process is a delicate and fairly difficult one that takes an experienced professional. The dry compound is scrubbed in to the carpet, either by hand or machine (machine will give a deeper clean). The solution is then added, and the reaction attract dirt particles to the new solution, which leaves the fibers clean. This solution then dries in the same way that shampoo does, and the residue can be hoovered out.

You can be sure that this professional method of carpet cleaning will give you an excellent result, and that the price will be worth it, as you won’t need to do it very often.

Read more helpful tips at:: Wimbledon carpet cleaners

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Best Rated Robot Vacuum – iRobot Roomba 770

This is the Best Selling Robotic Cleaner!

It’s also one of the best rated robot vacuums. Check out these very high ratings from customers who’ve bought it.

Best rated robot Vacuum
For more information, compare prices and model here.

Best robot vacuum


iRobot Roomba 770 – The Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Every Filthy Nook and Cranny (via SBWire)

Mountain View, CA — (SBWIRE) — 03/04/2014 — Tired of that thorough house clean every week? The iRobot Roomba 770 is the best investment to rid ones’ self from hours of cleaning activities. With its smartly efficient and easy-to-use cleaning system…

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Natural Cleaning That Also Saves You Money

How to clean in a way that protects the nature and saves you money – several eco cleaning tips for everyone.How to clean in a way that protects the nature and saves you money – several eco cleaning tips for everyone

House cleaning – it is not as easy or inexpensive, as most of the people, especially those who lack the experience, believe. The detergents available at the supermarkets can be expensive, especially if you buy them on one purchase. This is because of the fact that you need a different detergent for each different type of surface and area in your house – one for the windows, one for the wooden surfaces and a wood polisher, one for the tiles in your bathroom … The list goes on and on.

Not only this, but the cleaning detergents especially the disinfecting ones can be dangerous in the long run because they consist poisonous ingredients. In this article we will give you several basic tips about cleaning, using only natural ingredients, which can be found in the nearest store. They are very cheap and can be applied everywhere throughout the house by basically everyone.

The most important ingredients and the ingredient on which we will focus is vinegar. It is almost magical when it comes to cleaning, because it cleans literally everything. You can apply it everywhere in the house for all sorts of surfaces and for every piece of furniture.

For most of the surfaces what you will have to prepare is a mixture of vinegar and water. Depending on what you are cleaning the proportions vary, but for most of the cleaning you will have to do the amount of water is equal or higher than the amount of vinegar in the mixture. Equal portions of white distilled vinegar and water, filled into a spray bottle, will make the perfect cleaning agent for windows, mirrors and glass surfaces. You will be able to clean the windows of the car as well.

Vinegar is extraordinary cleaning agent when it comes to cleaning the devices in your kitchen. It can be applied for cleaning both their insides and the outsides. It is great for cleaning the greasy stains from the grill. Just pour white distilled vinegar upon the grease and leave it like this for some time. The vinegar will literally dissolve the stain. After this, using a rag or a towel, just remove the dirt. Fill a bowl or a glass with equal parts of white distilled vinegar and clean water, put it into your microwave oven and then turn the oven on. Wait until the entire mixture evaporates. Then, using a towel or a rag, dipped into the same mixture, clean carefully the remaining dirt.

You can even disinfect dirty children’s toys. All you will have to do is to prepare a mixture of vinegar and soapy water.

This guest post brought to you by, http://www.endoftenancycleaning.org.uk/one-off-cleaning/W4-one-off-cleaners-chiswick.html.

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Roomba 790 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Roomba 790 With Wireless Command Center And More Accessories

Read all about the New Roomba 790 with a price of $699.00 and compare it to the last version the Roomba 780 which is $100 less at $599.00.

iRobot Roomba 780 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies

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Cleaning Cost Still Largest Dispute Between Landlords and Tenants Reports Sani-Chem

Clean Carpets Regularly To Avoid Landlord Cleaning Charges

Were you planning to rent a steam cleaner or have the carpets in your apartment professionally cleaned before you turn the place over to your landlord? Well, it could be too late by then to get a lot of the stains and dirt from daily use out.

Rather than wait until the end of your lease to clean the carpets, think about investing in a carpet cleaning machine like a Bissel Little Green Pro.

It’s really a good a idea to buy and a carpet cleaner if you have pets, children or messy roommates. The daily dirt from foot traffic and especially spills can cost you in the end when the spots don’t come out and then the landlord dings you for that new carpet!

Check out reviews and prices on the Bissel Little Green Pro.

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Green Clean Your Home: Natural Alternatives To Harsh Chemical Products [infographic]

[repostus thumb=4196128 hash=38a31ed3b0b64e7270bf26ba8b3e62dd title=GREEN%20CLEAN%20YOUR%20HOME%3A%20Natural%20alternatives%20to%20harsh%20chemical%20products%20%5Binfographic%5D host=The%20Mindful%20Word short=1zhxT]

Thanks For The Green Cleaning Guest Post, The Mindful Word

There is some good stuff here about green home cleaning. Did you notice that they suggest a solution of baking and soda and vinegar? Haven’t we here at Carpet Floor Cleaning Machines cautioned against that?

Yes we have. But we didn’t want to see baking soda used on hardwood floors because it can scratch the finish. And for general cleaning mixing baking soda and water can create a fizzy mess.

So why do they recommend it? For natural chemical free drain cleaning! It’s a brilliant solution because in this case the fizzy reaction in the confined drain pipe helps get the gunk off the walls of that small space. And believe us, that gunk can stink and should be removed.

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Little Green Pro Deep-Reach Heat Cleaner By Bissell

Thanks For The Guest Post

Thanks to Autosho.ws for the guest post about this cool new Bissell machine. The small size and canister-style unit make it different from the Bissell steam mops we’ve covered elsewhere here.

This unit is for spot-cleaning, not wide area cleaning.

More About The Little Green Bissell Pro

What is unique about the Little Green Bissell Pro cleaning machine is that it continually heats the water so you’re always getting the maximum cleaning power of hot water.

The second most valuable aspect to the Bissell Little Green Pro machine is the compact size. The long hose and the compact unit size make it perfect for getting in small places to clean spaces and furniture in the home, on in the car, den rec. room or man cave. Or mom’s office, of course!

The other Bissell’s that are tall stick design Steam Mops don’t have the long hose that this little cleaning unit has.

Little Green Pro Bissell Cleaner Reviews

From the reviews online the Bissell Little Green Pro scores a solid 4-Stars from 148 reviews. That’s pretty impressive.

Things To Watch Out For

Things to watch out for are leaking sections and a wide spray area. As far as leaking, it helps to be tighten the screw-together pieces and all hoses and housing.

Also be sure all gaskets are in place. BUT don’t screw so tight that anything gets damaged. Like many things, this unit is made of light plastic (which also helps make it lightweight). So tight but gentle is the way to go.

The best use for the Bissell little is to clean up local spills and small areas like a car seat and upholstery.

About Suction – Strong suction is there when the nozzle is pressed against a carpet or fabric. It won’t feel or sound strong if it’s taking in open air. But when placed against the cleaning surface, you’ll notice it circulating water and suction as it’s designed to do (read more details here).

Bissell Little Green Pro Price

It’s only $99 on Amazon where the supplier and the unit is also highly rated and reviewed. We suggest starting there to read more actual customer feedback, and it’s also the site with the lowest price.


[repostus thumb=4110688 hash=6fda6e5a535ca3848d14f041887f4799 title=BISSELL%20Little%20Green%20PROheat%20Deep%20Reach%20Spot%20Cleaner%2C%20Bright%20White%2C%2050Y6 host=www.autosho.ws short=1yVBT]


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Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Franchise: Trends to Watch in 2013

[repostus thumb=3997651 hash=c5de045ae8d03794d331db85d8cc5ed2 title=Chem-Dry%20Carpet%20Cleaning%20Franchise%3A%20Trends%20to%20Watch%20in%202013 host=MarketWire short=1yt0t]

Thank You For Guest Post

We want to thank Chem-Dry for this guest post about the state of the carpet cleaning industry in 2013. It’s nice to see that innovation, brands strength and green cleaning are cited as trends for the future in the carpet cleaning business.

Local Carpet Cleaning Companies

It’s unfortunate that these innovations are due to tight economic circumstance such as high fuel costs, but innovations are a good thing in the end for customers and the industry.

Also, while franchises provide familiar brand name recognition to customers, the growth of franchises will put competitive pressures on local carpet cleaning companies operating under their own brand names.

However, we’re confident these local cleaning companies have other advantages and innovation of their own they can use to play up their strengths.

Green Carpet Cleaning

Whether local cleaning company or nationally branded franchise, green carpet cleaning is the wave of the future.

We’ve detailed in other places on this site the many advantages to natural cleaning solutions to the health of humans, pets and the environment.


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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips

[repostus thumb=2275968 hash=1db633a8c513bb99e657137007effd78 title=Eco-Friendly%20Cleaning%20Tips host=Clean%20Me short=1ffBa]

Thanks For Guest Post

We want to thank Mr. Knowledge at cleanme for the great guest post. When it comes to floor cleaning machines, the Shark steam mops are known for their chemical-free cleaning products. There’s a full set of reviews of Shark steam mops here.

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5 Things You Should Make Instead of Buy

[repostus thumb=3539399 hash=4abd42a398f49352162e44815ede85a4 title=5%20Things%20You%20Should%20Make%20Instead%20of%20Buy host=Credit.com short=1v2Zc]


Thanks for the Guest Post

Thank you so much Gerri for that great guest post. It’s one thing to read about making your own cleaning products and household items in theory, but we love that you gave us the honest low-down on the results. Some of those sound worth doing just for the fun of it!

For more honest information about cleaning machines, check out our reviews of Shark products and Hoover cleaners. You’ll find our reviews just as honest. If a piece of equipment only merits one or two stars, we’ll tell you so that you don’t waste your money!


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