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Hoover FloorMate Cleans in KitchenSee each of these pages to compare and review models of the most popular floor and carpet cleaning machines from Shark, Hoover and Bissell.

Information is provided in two helpful ways: quick overview pages to familiarize you with models and options, or in-depth reports on specific machines, including user reviews and comments, product pros and cons, user tips and things to watch out for before you buy.

Home Cleaning Articles

See our home cleaning articles for in-depth cleaning articles on a variety of popular topics such as:

All About Saving Time

What’s the most precious resource families face today? Time!  We often trade our time to work and make money, and of course we want to spend as much of it as possible with the ones we love.

So what does this have to do with floor cleaning? It’s that these machines make it possible to keep your house clean faster. Solutions like floor cleaners combined with vacuums, and steam machines that don’t require detergent make cleaning jobs even easier and faster than ever before. Read our series of floor cleaning articles for more information about the tools, products and cleaning techniques best suited for your floor type.

New Cleaning Powers

And when it comes to cleaning power, steam, spinning brushes and scouring pads keep the floors we live and play on clean with less effort than ever before, which means we can spend more time playing on them than cleaning them.

All In One Solutions

Perhaps the most impressive things about today’s floor cleaning machines is how much thought has gone into providing everything you need to get the job done quickly and done well.

Not only combining vacuuming, washing ,and drying abilities in some machines, but also supplying the pads, attachments and cleaning products so you have everything handy to clean all surfaces at once.

And with steam technology there’s an environmentally friendly option that cleans kitchen grease, bathroom tiles and flat painted walls and drapes with lightweight tools.

Floor Cleaning Devices

In addition to the all in one solutions, get a look at machines specifically for cleaning floors like the Hoover Floormate and the Bissell Steam Mop. Our Bissell Steam Mop review page compares several of their models at the Hoover Floormate reviews page is an in-depth look at the Hoover Floormate Spinscrub model,

Designed to Fit Our Lives

Sure, this technology is a reflection of the amazing time we live in, but it also reflects the responses of these great companies in providing solid cleaning solutions to today’s time-challenged families. These manufactures know how you’d really like to be spending your time and have delivered some great solutions. For more floor information visit industry website wfca.org.

And in keeping with the spirit of respecting your time and providing solid service, we offer both quick summaries and long product review pages to be sure you get the information you need in the way that fits your schedule. For more ind

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